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Custom Design Metal and Timber Furniture

Your Designs, Your Ways

Looking for the finest custom furniture?  Gosford-based own SL Designs is ready to create the pieces of your dreams.


If you are searching for the best quality custom furniture in Gosford, look no further than SL Designs.  We will plan, design and build custom furniture, to your specifications and using the finest quality source materials.  Whether an elegant dining set crafted from the finest locally source timbers or a professional office suite created from imported European metals, SL Designs can meet your every need.


Searching for handcrafted furniture for your home?  Our craftsmen are capable of providing you with the highest-quality custom design timber furniture for your dining room, bedroom, or any other room in your home you would like to make more elegant and welcoming.


Looking for an improvement to your office or company meeting room?  Our design professionals can consult with you and recommend excellent custom furniture.  In Gosford, we are happy to meet with you at your place of business to evaluate your professional space and recommend the perfect complement of handcrafted furniture to create the optimal business environment.


Need something in your workshop or an outdoor area?  We can provide you with custom design metal furniture that is durable and useful.  Looking for a modern touch in your home or office?  Not to worry!  Our expert designers and craftsmen are also capable of producing elegant, smooth pieces of custom design metal furniture to give your home or workspace a modern touch.


Not sure what you’re looking for?  We would be happy to consult with you and recommend a piece or suite of custom furniture to maximize the use of your space, whether a room in your home, a space in your business, or anywhere else you are hoping to make your favorite space in Gosford.  Custom furniture by SL Designs can be the missing element in your home or work experience—and we are ready to provide it!


Our handcrafted furniture is carefully constructed of the finest materials.  Our carpenters  are thoroughly experienced in designing and building all types of furniture by hand and are ready to build you elegant and durable pieces to your specifications.  We can offer metal and wood chairs and tables, cabinetry for both home and business settings, casual and formal office furnishings, custom timber and metal benchtops, decorative furniture pieces, and whatever custom design furniture pieces you need for your home or office.  If you know what you are looking for, we are happy to create any pieces you desire.  If you are looking for ideas, we are happy to show you demonstration pieces of handcrafted furniture or to look at your home or office space and recommend pieces that match the dimensions and complement the tone of your space.


Our custom-design tinder furniture and custom-design metal furniture is built carefully and by-hand by our expert furniture carpenters using the finest materials.  Using European metals and locally sourced timbers, we create the finest custom-designed furniture to your specifications.  If you need fine handcrafted furniture, please contact our team.

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Bespoke Customs made

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Email: info@sldesigns.com.au